• F A Swanepoel Universiteit van Port Elizabeth
Keywords: Religious education, South African Schools


RELIGIOUS EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS: EMBARRASSMENT OR OPPORTUNITY?In this article problems relating to the teaching of Scriptura in schools are discussed. At present, situations often arise where the subject is an embarrassment to both teacher and student. By concentrating on how religious instruction should be presented, and particularly on what the subject matter should be, the task can become a challenge. Since no examinations are required in this subject, the teacher can create an informal atmosphere, and use almost every possible educational method: panel and group discussions, work shops, role play, as well as audiovisual material. Classrooms should be equipped with relevant maps, prints and posters. Lecturers of the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Port Elizabeth and a number of post-graduate students are working on a project for the Education Department of the Cape concerning curricula for the teaching of Scripture from primary to tertiary education level. The objective is to compile a central syllabus for teachers’ colleges, primary and secondary schools. The suggestion is made that, until teachers are adequately qualified in the instruction of Scripture, in-training courses should be considered. Such courses have been approved in principle, and the U.P.E. Department of Biblical Studies will undertake the instruction. This is an opportunity to do justice to this important subject in South African schools.

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F A Swanepoel, Universiteit van Port Elizabeth
Departement Bybelkunde