The Christology behind The Black Messiah

  • Carsten Elmelund Petersen Fjellhaug International University College Copenhagen
Keywords: Allan Boesak, Black Theology, Black Ethics, Black Messiah, Black Christ, Christology


Abstract Allan Boesak developed his ethics of the Black Messiah in the 1970s while he wrote his dissertation in Kampen, The Netherlands. These ethics said no to slavery, colonialism, apartheid, racism, and poverty as a consequence of oppression. Behind these ethics lies the Christological problem. Jesus Christ is truly God and truly human being, which is the universal Christian creed. What is the relationship between the universal confession to Jesus Christ as true God and true human being and the contextual confession to the Black Messiah? The Black Messiah is black for the black people for identification. Is the true humanity universal and the color contextual? The article gives a possible solution.

Author Biography

Carsten Elmelund Petersen, Fjellhaug International University College Copenhagen
Ph.D. associate professor Systematic TheologyFjellhaug International University College DenmarkLeifsgade 33, 6. sal.DK-2300 København SDENMARK