Surviving Multiple Pandemics. Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 among the Elderly in Botswana: A Call for a Holistic Pastoral Approach

  • Tshenolo Madigele University of Botswana
  • Ronald Tshelametse University of Botswana
Keywords: COVID-19, HIV and AIDS, The Elderly, Socio-Economic Impact, Holistic Pastoral Approach


Amid the COVID-19 and HIV and AIDS crises, elderly people have been identified as the most affected and at-risk population group. This paper uses existing studies and research from different disciplines to explore the socio-economic impact of these multiple pandemics among the elderly in Botswana. We propose an elderly-inclined Holistic Pastoral Care intervention in surviving multiple pandemics. The intervention incorporates the inclusion of older people on pandemic outbreaks emergency task forces or other inter-agency platforms and coordination mechanisms at the national level. The paper further calls for deliberate and intentional socio-economic equality and attention for the greatest benefit of the elderly people.  In conclusion, the paper recommends to all stakeholders, sustainable, socio-economic, Inclusive Holistic Pastoral Care in favour and targeting the elderly for long-term survival of these Multiple Pandemics of COVID-19 and HIV and AIDS.


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