The Postcolonial Eternal Day: A Pentecostal Psychotheology of Everyday God’s Victory

  • Chammah Judex Kaunda University of the Western Cape
Keywords: Zambia, The postcolonial eternal day, Pentecostal psychotheology, Bethel City Church International (BCCI), God’s Victory Prayer, Postcolonial trauma


The primary objective of this article is to formulate a Pentecostal psychotheology centered on achieving triumph in everyday life within the context of the postcolonial eternal day. To accomplish this, the article employs metaphorical analysis as a tool to scrutinize the content of God’s Victory Prayer, a prayer that is recited daily by the congregation of the Bethel City Church International (BCCI) located in Ndola, Zambia. This particular approach facilitates a critical discourse that amalgamates positive psychology and theology from a realist vantage point. The intent is not to establish the efficacy of the daily prayer, but rather to delve into the intricacies of constructing a potential Pentecostal psychotheology by focusing on the therapeutic aspects embedded in BCCI's proclamations of healing (catharsis). The analysis how God's Victory Prayer can serve as a tool for BCCI's members to consciously confront the challenges posed by the postcolonial eternal day. Furthermore, the prayer assists them in approaching these challenges with agency and realism, thereby enabling them to effectively perceive meaningful strategies and seize the latent possibilities inherent in each day.


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