From Process Philosophy to Process Theology: The Ecological Theological Perspective of John Cobb

  • Renzhong Cui Minzu University of China
Keywords: Process Philosophy, Process Theology, Ecological Theology, Ecological Sustainability


John B. Cobb Jr., a well-known theologian, philosopher, and environmentalist in the United States, has developed his own participatory ecological theology from process philosophy to process theology. Some scholars believe that it belongs to a distorted form of anthropocentrism, while others suggest that it belongs to biocentrism. However, through Cobb’s attention to and exploration of environmental crises and interactions with other environmentalists, his ecological theology is shown to be a new form of participatory ecological theology which recognises the intrinsic value of all existence and affirms the participatory ecological order of nature. He challenges the traditional Christian doctrine of “dominion” and points to a more responsible concept for humanity, that is, to serve all parts of the natural world as responsible creations, just as serving God.


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