Ecotheologies and Intersectionality. A Decolonial Perspective on Intersections of Life

  • Alena Höfer Intercultural Theology, Ruhr-University Bochum
Keywords: Ecotheologies, Intersectionality, Decoloniality, Feminist theology, Indigenous knowledge


Many (formerly) marginalised groups contribute their epistemologies of holistic living to the field of research on ecojustice and ecotheology. They often express a variety of intersectional entanglements of human and non-human life, as well as the intersectional human impact of the climate crisis. These connections are addressed in Christian communities and in the theologies of people who are particularly affected by the climate crisis. My concern in this article is to analyse and discuss how knowledge about non-human life can be incorporated into an intersectional perspective as an example of decolonial learning.
African and German perspectives on ecojustice