Focusing on Paul: Persuasion and Theological Design in Romans and Galatians

  • Christoph Stenschke Forum Wiedenest, Bergneustadt, Germany and Department of New Testament University of South Africa


This collection of essays marks the 75th birthday of Prof Andrie du Toit (in November 2006). Du Toit has shaped a whole generation of South African students and has been one of the most influential figures in South African biblical scholarship during the past thirty years. On the occasion of his birthday, he was presented with a collection of essays on the soteriology of the New Testament (Jan van der Watt, ed., Salvation in the New Testament: Perspectives on Soteriology, NTS 121; Leiden: Brill, 2005; cf. my review in Novum Testamentum 52, 2010, 90-94).