Portraits of a Mature God: Choices in Old Testament Theology / Mark McEntire

  • Jonathan Huggins Stellenbosch University
Keywords: Portraits of a Mature God, Choices in Old Testament Theology


 This impressive and innovative work outlines an emerging approach to the discipline of Old Testament theology. It is an effort to examine the narrative character development of God within the story that the Old Testament tells. The author regards the Old Testament "as a narrative in which the divine character is being developed through a portrayal of the character’s actions" (46). Taking a more or less canonical approach to this development, it is the "God at the end of the story" that is most developed. This approach allows a reader to move away from (though not entirely) earlier portrayals of God in favour of newer ones that emerge later in Jewish history.

Author Biography

Jonathan Huggins, Stellenbosch University
 Research Associate in the Theology Faculty