Form, Word and Spirit : the centrality of the cross in Noordmans's critical narrative

  • Flip Theron Fakulteit Teologie University of Stellenbosch


This article deals with the pastoral-critical theology of the prominent Dutch theologian, Oepke Noordmans, in which the concepts 'form, Word and Spirit' play a major role. In contrast to a 'closed system', his theology can be described as a 'coherent hi-story' with a trinitarian structure. His use of notions such as 'school and church', 'absolute moment and continuity', 'cogito ergo sum and cogitur ergo sum', 'creation as accommodation', the 'dogma as grammar of the Gospel', and 'Paul comes and Peter goes', are discussed. Attention is given to his (contrasting) relation to the early and later Barth. The article culminates in discussing the relation between the crucified Christ and the Holy Spirit.