Wentzel van Huyssteen : telling the story of religious awareness with inter-disciplinary integrity from an evolutionary epistemological perspective

  • Daniel P. Veldsman Department of Dogmatics and Christian Ethics University of Pretoria


For almost four decades (1969-2007), the dominant and persuasive story of the theological scholarship of Wentzel van Huyssteen, the James I McCord professor of Theology and Science at Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey, USA has been and still is the problem of rationality. This article sketches the evolvement of his argument of relating theological reflection to natural scientific knowledge by focusing on three literary key moment (texts) in the abovementioned period, and it indicates how Van Huyssteen argumentatively arrived at his current position in which he argues that evolutionary epistemology creates a natural space for post-foundationalism of which the performative praxis is found in transversal reasoning.