How is Robert Jenson telling the story?

  • Anne H. Verhoef Department of Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology Stellenbosch University


This essay focuses on how the well-known Lutheran theologian Robert Jenson is telling the Christian story. It gives an introduction on Robert Jenson as a person and then shows how his theology can be summarised with reference to three interrelated themes, namely : Trinity, Time and Church. Jenson is a trinitarian theologian. In his understanding that cannot be separated from being a narrative theologian. According to him, the Christian story is a story of hope and its eschatology must be able to survive any criticism - such as the Marxist and the ecological ones. If Jenson thus asks how the End will be, he does not see it as a repristination of the beginning, but as a sublimation - our end is inclusion in God's life. The article concludes his sort of 'theology of hope' is one that can help Christians against the threat of nihilism.