Encountering Ecclesiastes : A Book for our Time, J. Limburg

  • Werner Lategan Old and New Testament Stellenbosch University


The book of Ecclesiastes has spoken to the imagination of preachers, teachers and pop-stars alike and, within very different historical, cultural, and socio-political contexts has proven itself a relevant and useful text. The purpose of this publication by Limburg is exemplified by its sub-title, i.e. the appropriation of the book of Ecclesiastes within present day faith communities. It is not intended as an exhaustive commentary, but rather a sincere attempt, drawing from personal and academic experiences, to engage with the message of the Preacher and to determine its significance for contemporary society. While Limburg writes from within a North American context, the themes he addresses and responses that he offers have a wider significance. After all, the global nature of the question "what is it all about" is unmistakable, even though responses to this question will be more context specific.