The Church and Human Trafficking / Melanie O’ Connor

  • Anita Cloete Practical Theology, Stellenbosch University
Keywords: Human trafficking, Church, Modern Day Slavery


The book covers a very important topic, namely human trafficking. Due to the underground nature of human trafficking it is difficult to come up with statistics, but where statistics are available there appears to be an increase worldwide and especially in Africa. South Africa is seen as a favourite destination, source and transit country for human trafficking. It seems that despite the urgency of the matter there is little awareness of this phenomenon. Therefore this book makes a valuable contribution with regards to raising awareness. The first part deals with the concept of human trafficking. In an attempt to define human trafficking it is referred to as “Modern Day Slavery”.

Author Biography

Anita Cloete, Practical Theology, Stellenbosch University
Practical Theology, Stellenbosch Universityr