• Werner Lategan Old and New Testament Stellenbosch University


This publication forms part of the Guides to Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha series and provides an excellent introduction to the books of Tobit and Judith. Otzen addresses the problem of relating real history to historical fiction. He examines the genres and purposes of each, and explores the literary and religious motives of the two stories (interesting to note is his discussion of the Achikar motif (and wisdom teaching) in Tobit (24-26) and the theme of sexuality and death in the book of Judith (109-113)). His discussion of textual problems or textual versions (the Greek texts of the LXX vs. the Hebrew-Aramaic fragments from Qumran) adds to the value of this publication. Questions regarding authorship and date are also addressed. Further, the canonical position or status of both books is also addressed. Throughout this publication the reader is exposed to a variety of approaches followed in the interpretation of the two books, providing the reader with a feel for the Wirkung of these texts in different reading communities (scholarly and otherwise).